A Random Collection of Things

Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog is because I wanted a place to discuss and ponder my newly-emerging attitude towards life i.e. the decluttering thereof, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are many things that have been flittering around in my head the last week or so, and I need to note them all before I forget, and come back and blog in more detail about them later. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly feature, and blogging to-do, if you will. Who knows. Whatever works, which is another new motto of mine O:) đŸ™‚

But anyway, stuff to consider:

* First trip to the farmers markets tomorrow morning

* The amount of money we currently spend on food

* My first declutter experience on FB (ohmigosh, AWESOME)

* Meal planning, food waste, batch cooking and freezing

* Consuming less refined sugar, because 9/10 whenever I do it makes me feel like crap. Relatedly, trying to figure out how to legitimately replace it in baking, because I really, really, really like baking…

* Baking bread

* Organising the daily dumpables (handbag etc)


* Poison furniture

* Plastic

* What is saving me

* One declutter thing each week

* The little things matter

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