Enter: A Shoggoth

Husband has decided he wants a shoggoth – not quite the Lovecraftian version, but the edible version, which is actually fairly close 😛 Anyway, that is what the Sparkly One calls it, and I have adopted the name.

So, I am researching shoggoth-making, and we have our first little experiment sitting in a jar on the bench. He’s to be fed every day this week, and hopefully, weather-dependant, he make be ready for bread-making next weekend. Stay turned, bwa ha ha. O:)

(Also, because we have yeast in the cupboard that needed using, we made a quick loaf which is now in the oven. A little suspicious about how it will turn out, because we… made a few mistakes. Like forgetting to add yeast until it was already all mixed up. Oops. Again: stay tuned.)

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