Earth Hour: Shakespeare Shoes!

So, I think we may have a bit of a tradition of doing mad-cap things during Earth Hour now. Last year was admittedly boring, what with having a one-month-old in the house, but the year before we had 8 baby puppies running around the place, and during Earth Hour we did puppy-feet finger-painting. I’ll dig out the results at some point and post some pics 😉 😀

This year, inspired by this idea, I made Shakespeare Shoes! I was going to do Pride & Prejudice, but I left my dodgy $3 copy of it at school, so I went with Much Ado About Nothing, which is my fav Shakespeare play anyway and was once again a dodgy $2 copy. Dodgy copies work better; you want the paper to be thin and poor quality so it’s easier to stick. Good quality paper is too thick.

My darling baby sister helped me – we did one shoe each – and it still took four hours. The results, though, are totally worth it:

shoes front shoes side

Husband has suggested clear paint enamel seal-y stuff to make them waterproof, but for now they are just glued and finished with PVA wood glue. The shoes were just $19 cheapies from K-mart (though if I were to do this NOT starting at 730pm, I’d check out a secondhand shop first) with a suede finish. You can’t see clearly in the photos but they are a wine/burgundy sort of colour, which I’ve left bare on the heel and platform, and in a fine line around the foot opening bit. Easier than trying to get the paper over that edge, and finishes them off nicely, methinks 🙂

Anyway, yay! Shakespeare shoes! #EarthHourWin. :o)

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