Announcing: Tales from the SFR Brigade

Look! I’m in another anthology! Considering how little writing I’m doing these days, I find this quite exciting :o) Tales from the SFR Brigade will be a free anthology of stories by members of the SFR Brigade, SFR being Science Fiction Romance. There are even a couple of big name authors involved, most notably Linnea Sinclair, who is a star in the genre *goofy grin*. And on a more personal note, two of the authors are friends of mine – Pippa Jay, and my twinny one, Liana Brooks. Hurrah for being TOC Buddies! (TOC – table of contents).

…I am rambling and not doing a very good job of announcing this. But anyway, it’s scheduled for release in about June, so I’ll try for a more coherent post then, with a snippet of my story and everything.

For now, *insert incoherent yay-ment here*. 😀

Oh, and here’s the line up, alphabetically by title (though some titles may be subject to change):

“Allure” by Amy Laurens
“Envy’s Revenge” by Berinn Rae
“Imprint” by Pippa Jay
“MISSION: Nam Selan” by Linnea Sinclair
“Nobody’s Present” by Marcella Burnard
“Sensations” by Liana Brooks
“The Stranger” by Kyndra Hatch
“Thief’s Ransom” by Jaleta Clegg
“Whisky and Starshine” by Erica Hayes

Once more with feeling: YAY!

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