Querying! Help?? *Cookies*

So, just for the heck of it, I’m practising queries. Actually, also because I’ve dug out Sanctuary again and am plodding onwards with edits. I’m nearly done with Draft 2, and I’m rather hopefully that it will only need up to a Draft 4 before it’s DONE-done. Hopefully. :S Anyway, in the spirit of procrastination that always attacks me at this ridiculously busy time of term, a query. Feel free to shred; I have t-rex-tough skin when it comes to this 😉

Moving halfway across Australia to Nowra, capital of nowhere, is the worst thing ever to happen to Edge. Three months on, she has no friends, the world’s most horrible bedroom, and no one to celebrate her fourteenth birthday with. Maybe that’s why she starts hallucinating that the butterflies are talking to her – though her dog seems to think the fairy is real enough.

Sure, finding out she’s a Traveller, able to cross between worlds to Sanctuary, home of the fairies, is a definite bonus. Making a new friend and realising that Sanctuary might just be everything she misses from home is pretty great too. But then the shadows appear, ominous and blacker than black. Edge is determined to find out where they’re coming from and why they’re threatening her new haven – until she’s dragged from Sanctuary into the Valley (of death) and almost killed by them. Now Edge must decide if Sanctuary is something worth fighting for – or if, you know, running away to the circus might not be the saner option.

SANCTUARY is a young adult fantasy complete at 66,000 words. It stands alone but has series potential. Why I chose this agent, etc etc, close nicely.

So. What do we think?

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