This Is How We Party…

Family friend’s 18th party on Sunday, and it was the family team at work in all our usual roles: Mum on food, Jess on decorations, me on cake, and Em on stand-by/gofer/jack-of-all. Friend wanted a picnic in the park–less clean up, good choice!–and the weather held out, which is not usual for this time of year in Canberra–it’s usually teeth-blisteringly freezing by now.

Picnic in the park; pretty simple, right? Ha. This is how we party.


(There were originally a whole bunch of paper lanterns hanging across the top of the shelter, and a big pink parasol hanging at the back. Alack, the wind…)

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And the cake, a milk-choc mud cake with orange marmalade filling (since friend wanted jaffa), with cinnamon and cloves in the cake (to blend better with the orange). The filling, meh. I’d do it differently next time. The cake–well. Husband dislikes cake. He usually declines, or if pressed for politeness, will have the tiniest of nibbles. He devoured an entire bowlful of trimmings and lamented the subsequent empty bowl. I call that a win.

No candles – we used sparklers instead πŸ™‚ Four down each side to make eight, then one in the middle to make “eighteen” πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “This Is How We Party…

  1. Hi Amy
    You guys are truly amazing. Always a GREAT job with a lot of work but still seems effortless as you all work together.
    Great team.
    Food not only always looks unbelievable but the taste is the best and most delicious.
    I wasn’t there for this one (not invited lol) but I have experienced family and church functions.
    Catering is it…..hired party adventures for you all.
    And…….a Christmas at your place would be accepted!
    Judith xo

    1. Naw, thank you, Judy!! *hugs* I shall have to email you re Christmas – not sure if there are any plans as yet for this year? πŸ™‚

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