Link-a-Bet Soup ;)

Wow, it’s been forever since I did a link-a-bet. I think maybe not since the blog lived on Blogger! o.O But anyway, tonight: a selection of Things I Have Found.


First of all, I am tremendously excited. My writing – I hesitate to say idol, because in my social context that’s a no-no, but you know what I mean 😛 The writer I admire most in the entire world and who I want to BE when I grow up answered an oddly stupid question from me on her Tumblr. Behold, Maggie Stiefvater on whether or not a writing career is fun.

Also in writing-related things, this highly awesome graphic of The Story Coaster (if a book was a roller coaster)! 😀

In non-writing-related things, this stunningly beautiful post on “What I Won’t Tell You About My Ballet-Dancing Son” prompted a tear or two.

And in popular news, Elizabeth Esther says it best: Miley Cyrus. How predictable of you. She also has wise words about the importance of moderation in parenting, as in all things, reminding us that Princess Excess is just the other side of the Princess Banning coin.

Sarah Bessey agrees: maybe Barbies aren’t so evil after all. 🙂 I’m really feeling these ones. I grew up with Barbies, as well as copious dogs and horses (especially Puppy in my Pockets! The originals, not the scary modern ones [website music warning].), a few dolls that my sister loved and I ignored, a million billion and a half stuff animals, home-made marble mazes, lego houses, books, trampolines, drawing pencils, and more. The Barbies were just one facet of play – exactly how any of these things ought to be. Moderation. Not just for assessment!*

*(Sorry, that was a bad joke only Canberra college [yr 11/12] teachers will get.)

And speaking of teachers, Twitter is the newest Thing for us; have you heard? 😉

And finally, should you happen to be a) a teen or teen-at-heart, b) in Canberra the first week of October, and c) at a loose end for entertainment, I have recently discovered that the second (there was a first?!) Festival of Australian Children’s Literature will be on sporadically throughout October, but mostly in the first week.


There. Linkage for everyone! No, wait. I see one base uncovered.

Here, for the science crowd. I don’t think I’ve linked you yet to the Mars One expedition? Well, watch that space (haha), because if all goes according to plan, people will be living on Mars in a scant decade: the first humans are scheduled to land late in 2022 or early in 2023. And it’s not too late! You can still apply to be one of them! Though this is probably the bit where I mention the fact that it’s a one-way ticket…..


Right. Now we have linkage for everyone. /nod. My work here is done. I’m off to bed.



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