2 thoughts on “All That’s Worthwhile Is Difficult

  1. Amy, I love Maggie’s answer to your question. Unlike her, I don’t write on the weekends or holidays, though. I used to, but when I realized I wasn’t even living a LIFE anymore, and I was so burned out I resembled a piece of charcoal, I decided to change that. I can’t write if I’m not living, you know? It’s different for everyone, I think. Some people just take long vacations instead of regular breaks.

    I do hope you keep on keeping on! What you’re doing now is as good as it gets, I promise. No matter what happens in the future, you’ll keep writing, and that’s the dream right there, no matter what anyone else or society tries to convince you.

  2. *hugs* Thanks, Glam. I think I was just afraid that if I committed to writing, I’d just end up burning out on that too, y’know? Like I did last year, in fact, when I had to quit for a while 😛 😀 And that was scary. Because a writing career is hardly a stable predictable one. So why would I want as my life goal something that was unstable, unpredictable, and that I might end up burning out on?! HA!

    Of course, having talked it over with various people and read some great posts, your included, I feel more confident now that I will not burn out, not in an absolute sort of way 😉 😀

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