The Tour Begins…

First stop: Madison Louise!!

So, for most of this week I’m guest posting around the internet as celebration for the release of To Dust and Other Stories (SQUEE). Today, I’m over at Madison’s blog talking about my ‘daily’ writing habit (ha!).

Tomorrow, I’ll be over with Liana Brooks, discussing… something… that will be interesting… probably. Lookit me be organjised.

Tomorrow evening, because of time zone differences, I’ll be here squeeing like a hyperactive maniac about the fact that To Dust will have been released. EEEEE. There will be a giveaway, with prizes and everything.*

And then Halloween, I’m over at Beth Overmyer’s for a final hurrah!


Yay!! The book is nearly out,** you guys!!! So exciting!



* “Everything” including information on how to get your digital mitts on an e-copy FOR FREE! For everyone! Unlimitedly until next year!

** In fact, if you look very carefully, it may already be out in at least one location. Note to Aussie buyers: shipping for the paperback is a million times cheaper if you let me know you want a copy and buy it directly through me. In fact, I may even have a buy button at some point to simplify that.

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