The Other Carly

Last week’s short fiction is up over at The Twins of Darkness & Light. I did WRITE it on time, I just couldn’t post it because I had no computer internet. I have mixed feelings about this one; I feel like the ending, although it heads in the general direction I wanted it to atmosphere-wise, is too similar to another story I once read specifics-wise. But never mind. It’s rough, it’s unedited, but yay! A weekly piece of story! 🙂

The door to my hiding place slid open and I burrowed deeper under my arms against the tabletop.
“Joanna Richards,” said a voice that was whisperingly familiar. “My how the mighty do fall.”
Footsteps, then a warm pressure against my side. I cracked an eyelid open to peek at the boy from under my arm. Decently-muscled shoulder, longish neck, dark hair… My eyebrows lowered. I couldn’t see his face, but that jawline definitely reminded me of someone.
He turned. “You’ve grown up.”
Ah. Not a boy. Ryan. I sighed and pressed my face back against the cool of the counter. “If you’ve come to patronise me, don’t. My day has been shite enough as it is.”
He was quiet for a second, then drew a little away. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, the last time I saw you, you were twelve and berating the house mistress for catching you shinning out the dorm window in your breaches and riding boots.” He snickered, then gave a contented little sigh. “Her face is etched into my memory for all time.”
In spite of myself, I smiled a little. “Yeah. That was a good moment.”
“Yeah.” He drifted away for a moment into a happy little reverie. “But anyway, moving on. What’s up with you? Why are you in here? I thought we only used this place when the parents came to visit.” He sat bolt upright. “They’re not in town, are they? Because my folks are with me, and if—“
I pushed myself out of my slump and rolled my neck. “Dude, chill. No parents. It’s fine.”
His brow wrinkled. “Then why are we in here?”
I shrugged one shoulder and stared at a stain on the counter. “I went to Carly Davies’ party today.”
Ryan raised an eyebrow. “We like her now?”


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