Because Of You

A somewhat sappy title, but it’s the truth: there are days when the only thing keeping me going with this whole writing thing is the fact that I have people reading the blog who have, if not expectations, then at least knowledge of my expectations, which is nearly the same thing, and I hate to disappoint people.

Which is not to say I don’t love writing!! It’s just extremely hard to make the time right now, and I am exhausted, and it is lovely to know that there is possibly maybe an actual reason that I am bludgeoning my brain with all this thinking, and it is probably possibly to do with you.

So: thank you.

There will probably not be a short fiction post this week, unless I can manage to write something VERY short, because I am trying to force my brain to focus on the world building book (sensible, given it has a deadline and all, doncha know), and I have limited brain to spare.

But anyway: I just wanted to say, ‘Thanks.’ 🙂

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