New Story: Purity

Whee! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks full of late nights and hard work, so I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting both the blog and the stories. But! I finally have another story for you 🙂 Liana posted one yesterday too, so if you’re in the mood there are TWO new stories for you! Yay!

Mine, naturally, is about a deathly unicorn and purifying rainwater that’s about to destroy the town. As you do. Click here to go read it straight away, or continue below for the beginning 😉

      The parking lot is covered in a foot of storm water, and the wind whips up waves like it’s a sea. I’ve no idea how we’re going to get to the service station—or what we’re going to find once we’re inside.

      Beside me, Reg shifts, his lined face twitching and flickering like it has a life of its own. “Think we should do it?” he mutters.
      I jerk my head in a nod that feels precariously like falling. “Of course we should do it.”
      He rearranges the shotgun under his trench coat, and we set out.
      The dark concrete of the parking lot turns the water inky grey, and oil slicks float on the surface. It seeps into my boots, icy cold fingers that set me shivering even through the garbage bags I’m wearing under my trousers as waterproof knee-high socks. The wind cuts through my thin coat—it doesn’t help that one sleeve has nearly been torn off and the buttons are all missing—and all that, combined with the hunger gnawing in my stomach, is almost enough to make me wish we hadn’t set out on this foolhardy adventure in the first place. Sadly, when you’re hunting a unicorn, there’s no stopping till it’s dead—or you are.

Read the rest of Purity here.

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