Happily, Red

Wow, can you tell I’m on holidays or what? ANOTHER new story up for you at the Darkness and Good blog! Yay! *o/*

You can blame this one on my sister’s tumblr, particularly this image here. I was reminiscing last night about how the internet is totally a microcosm (macrocosm?) of life, and how it can be both damningly bleak and gloriously uplifting, and seeing that image, I just opened up and word doc and started writing. If you read the story, you’ll see I was trying to capture some of that glorious positivity – and if you read to the end, you’ll see that I just can’t help myself when it comes to stories, and that a seed of darkness always creeps in somehow 😛 😀 Because happy isn’t happy unless it’s in contrast to the sad, right? RIGHT? …Something like that, anyway.

*shakes head* Anyway, moving on. For your reading pleasure this week, Happily, Red.

Occasionally, it is possible to have a happy ending. Not a happy beginning; those are frequent enough. And certainly not a happy middle, because middles are always either one of two things. Either you know you’re in the middle, and that makes you sad, because either you have such a long way to go until the end, or because you’re already halfway through and that means you’ll only ever have less; or you don’t know you’re in the middle, and you get occasional flashes of happiness.

Much, much harder to have a happy ending.

It is possible, though. It’s in the bees buzzing officiously around their daisies, the wild lace flowers strewing grass so lush it’s thigh-high and crisp, the fresh pinch of early morning air that pinks the cheeks while the glorious golden sunlight promises a warm day; and in the feel of your warm arms around mine.

This doesn’t have to be an ending of course, and depending on your perspective it’s also a beginning, also a middle; perspective is everything.

Read the rest of Happily, Red here.

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