How To Write A Series

Long-time readers will know that I am a BIG fan of author Holly Lisle’s various how-to-write courses. I have literally taken every single course that she has ever offered, and her method of teaching just really gels with the way that I learn, and the way that I write. To me, it’s intuitive, flexible and logical – three things that make learning anything easier :o) See previous reviews here.

Anyway, the point is that she’s about to release her next big-ish course. Only big-ish because we’re not talking BIG as in the realms of How to Think Sideways, her novel-writing course, or How to Revise Your Novel; but it’s big enough. The course is the How to Write a Series Expansion, and it goes live TOMORROW. How to Write a Series (original) is currently available, it’s 4 modules, and it will teach you about the 192 (YES, ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO) types of series that exist, when and why you’d want to use them, and more importantly, how you’d go about doing so. The Expansion promises to be even better: if you are in the first group of students to go through (as I am, OBVIOUSLY :D), you’ll get to watch Holly walk through the course live, and you’ll have the opportunity to have input into some of the topics covered in later modules of the course. Having been a round one student in both of her two big courses, where Holly did the same thing, I can tell you, the experience is well worthwhile: Holly really listens to her students, and this is an unparalleled opportunity to have your questions on the course answered as you do the course, by the person who wrote it.

So of course, the catch, because you know there’s always one, is that the new modules (planned at six, maybe seven if the content she plans to cover runs long (it probably will – it usually does! :D)) will be released about once a month starting TOMORROW – and every time a new module is released, the price will go up. At the moment, until tomorrow, the course is $97. With each module that is released, it’s going up $25 – so tomorrow, it will be $122, next month it’ll be $147, and so forth, capping out at $247.

REMEMBER: I offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 20% REBATE ON ANY HOLLY PRODUCT you buy through my links, because I am an affiliate. I am NOT recommending this product BECAUSE I’m an affiliate, I’m an affiliate BECAUSE I recommend the products. You can see what I’ve had to say about previous courses on my old blog here.

However, IF this course sounds like something you might be interested in, here is Holly’s introductory post, and here is a link to buy the course itself. If you buy it through that link, which is my affiliate link, email me your receipt, and without any questions I will rebate you 20% of what you paid via PayPal a couple of days after the end of the calendar month (affiliates are paid on the 1st).

Holly’s courses are great, and I really recommend them. She over-delivers every single time, includes ridiculously outrageous bonuses, and is one of the tiny handful of people I can point to and say here, this person, THIS PERSON changed my writing.

Please note: All the links on this page are affiliate links EXCEPT the one to Holly’s blog post introducing the How To Write A Series course. If you buy through that link, you will NOT be eligible for the 20% rebate.

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