SFR Brigade Anthology For Diabetes

So, the Brenda Novak Annual Online Auction is coming to an end (ends May 31), which means it’s a GREAT time for you to get some bids in! There are FANTASTIC prizes up for grabs – literally hundreds of them – and all the proceeds from the auction go towards research into diabetes, a condition which affects upwards of 382 million people worldwide, and is the fastest growing chronic disease in the world, expected to affect 592 million people by 2035.*
Tales From the SFR Brigade
This is also your one chance to get a print copy of the TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE anthology, featuring stories by top SFR author Linnea Sinclair, my twinny one Liana Brooks, and of course yours truly. You can’t buy the anthology in print anywhere else – it’s ebook only except for the author copies. And there can be only one winner. So get your bid in on this highly collectible book, which comes with bookmarks or bookplates SIGNED by ALL the authors, AND a $25 Amazon gift certificate! Yay! *o/* So go – get your bid in now, on the Tales From The SFR Brigade anthology or on anything else that takes your fancy, and donate money to a worthy cause in the meantime 🙂
*Statistics from Diabetes Australia.

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