Story: Recruitment

So, I can’t believe I’m posting this for you, but anyway. Welcome to Mercury. Some of you have met Mercury before. For everyone else… I’m sorry. 😀 And another apology: this ‘short story’ is actually an excerpt from the very first novel I ever wrote!

(Yes, I know, that means I’m not writing new fiction, but it’s been three weeks since there was a story on the blog and short fiction is just Not Happening because Life right now – being sick, reports, marking, etc. You know. The usual.)

Anyway. It’s not entirely terrible, considering the blog is first-draft stories anyway, and /I/ think it’s mildly amusing, and Bystar is one of my favourite (and most popular) characters of all time, and this excerpt may or may not actually end up in the final story when I one day get around to rewriting it and completing the series (it’s on the to-do list), so I figured you might as well enjoy it now :o) I hope you like it well enough.

Bystar stumbled up to the shack, panting. This one?

In his head Mercury’s answer rumbled like a twelve horse carriage. Get closer, you fool! You’re not seeing the letters clearly. Honestly, I don’t know how you survive with your pathetic little mustelid eyes!

Bystar sighed and dragged himself forward. Better?

There was silence for a moment while he dutifully flicked his eyes back and forth over the text that topped the door, concentrating as hard as he could on the shapes.

This is it, Mercury pronounced. Now in, and don’t come out until he’s hired you and agreed to the task.

Bystar paused to lick his sore paws and shake some of the dust out of his coat. His tongue flicked over his nose and he took a deep breath. This was it.

Read the rest of Recruitment here.

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