The Raven Boys Fanart :)

Whee! I made the arts! (click to embiggen)

The Raven Boys

Some context. For quite a while now (read: the last few years), I have been sorely lamenting my lack of time for hobbies that I enjoy. Mostly this applies to writing, but I’ve also been itching to get back to drawing and arting. Maggie Stiefvater has been a useful motivator in this regard, mostly because she arts on a regular basis, having been a professional artist before becoming a writer, but also because she holds semi-regular art contests for random things on her blog/tumblr. Usually, these make me wistful because I would love very much to enter them, but it is Term Time, which means exactly negative five units of free time. So! Imagine my joyous joyfulness this time when she held an art contest IN MY HOLIDAYS!! All the joy and happiness.

Anyway, la la, explanations, I made art, YAY. Pastel pencils on black card stock – I haven’t used my pastel pencils in nearly ten years, and it was awesome, if supremely clumsy at times. The result, though not quite as pretty as intended in my head, is still better than I expected, given how little practice I’ve had recently, so this is pleasing.

And obviously, the image is inspired by Maggie’s The Raven Boys series, which if you didn’t pick up immediately from the image clearly you haven’t read the books and must DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and rush out IMMEDIATELY to RECTIFY THIS SITUATION. Seriously. They are that good.

To summarise: Pretty picture, art contest, Raven Boys, giant billowing raven-probably-of-smoke, and obnoxiously orange car-that-is-definitely-supposed-to-be-a-camaro.* YAY *\o/*


* I pretty much suck at drawing cars that are required to be recognisable as particular makes/models. Moving on.

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