Short Announcement Re: Books

Just a quick note to say that in the last week, all my self-pubbed material, published under the Inkprint Press label, has migrated from Smashwords to Draft2Digital (and if you’re an author looking to self-publish who hasn’t heard of Draft2Digital, go check them out immediately!! SO much better than Smashwords!!), and everything is now back online.

What this means for you as a reader in practical terms is not much: a few items have received a formatting overhaul (including Liana Brooks’s Seventy and Fey Lights) so the files should all look a lot cleaner and more professional now (thanks, D2D), and ALL of my works are now available EVERYWHERE.

Cherry Blossom eCover Where Your Treasure Is Forget - A Short Story With This RingĀ Fey Lights eCover Seventy eCover REALLies eCover

So, that book of plays, Where Your Treasure Is, that hasn’t been showing up anywhere since it was released in October thanks to a glitch in Smashwords’s system? It’s now available everywhere, and the print edition has been released too šŸ™‚ Is much pretty.

Also, Liana’s Fey Lights is coming out in print in March (YAY!!), and my short story collection To Dust is getting an overhaul as the print version transitions from Lulu to CreateSpace. I’ll let you all know when the new version is out; expect a bit of an editing tidy-up, significantly prettier formatting, and possibly an extra story thrown in as a bonus incentive šŸ˜‰

I think that’s all the administrivia for now. Hoping to post again later in the day with a more cohesive look at what happened in 2014, and what I’m hoping for in 2015 :o)


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