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You guys! I got my copy of Liana Brooks’s Even Villains Go To The Movies today! In print and everything! There’s one thing about having an ebook released by a publisher other than yourself – but a print book? That’s another level of cool again. And I am so stoked to be able to hold a copy of this book in my hands. It’s not mine, but Liana and I are crit partners, and I think I must have read through the draft of Movies at least four times before it went to the publisher, and I am disproportionally excited to see that my cut of the back cover copy is the one that ended up being used :o) It’s not my book, but I still feel a sense of ownership over it, and a proportionate (or maybe, let’s face it, way more than proportionate :D) sense of satisfaction, glee and general squeeful excitement to be holding a physical copy.

If you like superheroes and/or flirty romances, I totally recommend you pick up a copy of Even Villains Go To The Movies. It’s Book 2 in Liana’s Heroes and Villains series, BUT it stands alone from Book 1, so you can read it with exactly zero problems if you haven’t read the first 😉

And of course, if you do happen to read a copy – do the author a favour, and leave a review 😉 <3

Even Villains Go To The Movies eCover

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