An Ode To Scrivener

At least, it would be if I had the brain power to write an ode right now. I’m at the point of tired + pregnancy hormones where I tried to lock the kid’s fridge at preschool with my car key last week. Oops.

BUT. SCRIVENER. I took the plunge and bought it back in January when I was faced with a massive restructure of #FGU, and I am SO. GLAD. Something about the ability to see all my chapters in neat little sections and so forth really clicks with my brain, and while way back when I used to use yWriter (free!) to do pretty much the same thing, my editorial brain appreciates the prettiness and rich text features of Scrivener compared to yWriter (though if you are thinking of Scrivener, yWriter is a serviceable free test product to see if you like working with that style of program, I think).

Seriously. My productively has increased dramatically. Love it.

I’m going to cry when I have to turn my MacBook Air back into work on May 1 when I go on mat leave, but there is not even the slightest doubt that I’ll be repurchasing Scrivener to load onto the home PC. $50 out of my year’s book budget is a tiny price to pay for the massive boost in productivity that I get. Your mileage, obviously, may vary, and I know people for whom Scrivener hasn’t worked at all, but I’m in the throes of importing Yet Another Text into Scrivener to work on, and just had to squee about it, because I could.

Dear Scrivener,

If marrying a program were legal, I’d pick you.



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