#WeeklyBookPic, The Game!

You might have noticed a couple of posts recently with the tag #WeeklyBookPics. This is going to be a regular feature on the blog, appearing every Friday (my time – Thursday evening in the US I think). Every week will feature a different category, and I’d love it if you’d join in! Take a picture of the book that best fits the category for you* and post a link in the comments and/or reblog/retweet with your picture and the #WeeklyBookPic hashtag! Hopefully it’ll be a fun and easy way to be introduced to new books that we can all love :o) Hurrah!

* Feel free to interpret as loosely as you need to 😉

(PS Link to last Friday’s #WeeklyBookPic in case you missed it. The theme is “First Book” – the first book you read, the first book you read by yourself, the first book someone in your family read, or, you know, if you need to, feel free to get creative: the first book you read in a genre, the first book you laid your eyes on after reading the post, the first book you could think you… You get the gist 😀 )

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