Belatedly, I’m Doing A Vodcast In 2.5 Hours!

…Actually more like 2.33 hours, but let’s not quibble.

It starts like this: the inestimable Lindsay Buroker wanted to interview the Twinny One, Liana Brooks, notionally I think about her career as a hybrid author (i.e. an author who uses large publishers, small publishers, and also does self publishing – not an author who is themselves a hybrid, though if you can find one of those I’m sure a vodcast with them would be really interesting too, and I know Liana wishes she was a human/machine hybrid most days, so you know. *ahem*. ). Since Inkprint Press is a team effort*, Liana suggested I be in on the vodcast too – and somehow like magic now I am? I’m still not really sure how this all happened, hence why you’re getting a super-last-minute promo post about it o.O πŸ˜€

ANYWAY. Tune in at 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, which is like 5pm yesterday in Alaska where Liana is and 6pm yesterday wherever Lindsay is**, but REGARDLESS IT’S TWO HOURS AND PROBABLY ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES from the time I post this, by the time I post it, to hear my Australian accent, some rambling about Inkprint Press and self publishing, and probably reference to my and Liana’s plans to take over the world.

Wait. Maybe not that last one. They’re supposed to be secret.


TL;DR: Listen/watch HERE in a little over TWO HOURS, or later, apparently, on iTunes. Link to come. Also, it looks like you should be able to download it straight from the website once it’s up? (Oh heavens, you mean this thing is permanent?)

* Liana says it’s all me, but at the very least she’s the one providing the writing fodder at this point, so you know πŸ˜€

** OHOH I KNOW THIS. It’s PST time!

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