A Writing Manifesto, Courtesy of 2015

I’d rather be writing. That’s not how I planned to start this post, but really, it’s what it all boils down to. 2015 was the year I managed to fall in love with writing again, and let me tell you, it was grand. After a very long slump that started in 2010 when I blitzed through the first draft of Sanctuary in 3 months and deepened when I got postnatal depression in 2012 (something that led me to actually quit writing for a while), in 2013 I starting crawling back to the light again by writing non-fiction. That continued into 2014 as I drafted From The Ground Up, my worldbuilding book, and into 2015 as I rewrote most of the book and added another 20,000 words. It was only in May of 2015 that I finally found my fiction mojo again: I drafted the first half of an urban fantasy that you’ll see one day, but not for a while yet πŸ˜‰

Then I had a baby. While I avoided depression this time and am immensely enjoying the baby stage (she says as Mr 3 gets out of bed for the fourth time in the last hour), it took a while to make time for writing again πŸ˜‰ But this time, the joy is still there. And I have Plans, y’all. More about that next week.

So while I could post stats from last year of words written and words edited and things done and all that, really, none of that matters. There’s only one thing that matters, and it’s this:

I’d rather be writing, because I love it.

The good news for you is that you’ll get to see quite a lot of that writing this year. The bad news for you is that, instead of committing to a more regular schedule for the blog as I’d originally planned, I’m going to spend my precious spare time doing what I love. I’m pretty sure you’ll prefer new stories to half-assed blog posts anyway, amirite? O:)

What would YOU rather be doing? I challenge you to spend more time doing it this year. Go on. I dare you. <3

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