Super Cute Short Film (For Kids): Sanjay’s Super Team

My son recently acquired the DVD for The Good Dinosaur, and after the compulsory viewing, we were all just kind of piled on the lounge, letting the credits run. Little did we know that good old Pixar had a nice surprise for us (although if we’d bothered to look under ‘bonus features’ I’m sure we could have found it, ha): their latest, super-cute and utterly delightful short film, notionally for kids (but we all know the adults are going to love it just as much ;)). Sanjay’s Super Team is cute and can be read either superficially as a fun story, or with more depth, delving into the relatively obvious moral. It’s only seven minutes, and I totally recommend it <3


‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Oscars 2016 Short Film (Animated)-HD from Ana Lucia Pio Borges on Vimeo.

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