#MadeItMonday: Ah ha ha. I Love That You Thought This Wouldn’t Be Cake.

Welcome to #MadeItMonday, where I post something I’ve made in the previous week, and where you can join in and post something you made too! The rules are easy: post a pic somewhere of something you’ve made in the last week (ish; let’s say in the last month as the hard-and-fast) and tag it. Sit back and enjoy scrolling through all the beautiful things we’ve collectively created, and celebrate the fact that humans can be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚
A baby shower cake this time, in fondant, spray painted with edible gold paint :3

Canted angle shot of side of 1-tier gold fondant cake with purple wisteria, pale pink and white daisies, and daisy buds on a white round platterย  Canted-angle side shot of other side of cake; more white daisies and wisteria leaves are visible on this side. Front shot of cake, a single-tier 23cm round cake covered in fondant (with sharp corners!), sprayed gold, with a glittery gold dream catcher centered on the front side of the cake (it extends above the edge of the cake by about a centimetre); three sprays of purpley-blue wisteria are arranged around the bottom of the cake at the front on the white platter; they are filled out with three baby pink daisies, three white daisies, some white daisy buds, a few wisteria leaves, and a gold glittery feather or leaf made to match the dreamcatcher. Canted-angle front shot of cake - 1 tier round sprayed gold with a gold glittery dreamcatcher mostly visible in-shot, accented with a spray of purpley-blue wisteria, two white daisies, a white daisy but, a spray of wisteria leaves, and a white star flower all arranged around the bottom of the cake where it sits on a white platter. A gold leaf skeleton or feather is also visible, made of the same materials and in the same style as the dreamcatcher.

What have you made this week? (It doesn’t have to be fancy!!) Don’t forget to tag your contribution, or even better, leave a link in the comments!! I love seeing what inspiring things other people have made ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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