The League is BACK!

Starting this week, my monthly contribution to the Darkness & Good blog for the next little while will be chapters from my book, The League of Absolutely Ordinary Superheroes! In keeping with the spirit of the D&G blog, the offerings are raw and unedited – but hopefully you’ll enjoy them regardless 😉 A couple of things to note:

  1. Yes, if you’re a loooooong time reader you’ll recognise the first half of this story 🙂
  2. Not keen on serials in case the author doesn’t get around to finishing them? NEVER FEAR! LAOS chapters are scheduled through to the end of the year, which is halfway through the book. Tune in next year for the probably-thrilling second half!
  3. Yes, when all the chapters are FINALLY released there will be an ebook. Is true. Hurrah for the end of next year, I guess? O:)

4? No. I think 3 is it. So there you go: new story, pretty story, read story: go!

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