Come Join The Fun!

Soooo, oops, I did a Thing.

What Thing, I hear you asking?

A Patreon. I made a Patreon.

Now, in case you have no idea what Patreon is, a quick explanation: It’s basically like Kickstarter, but on an on-going basis. People can sign up for a small amount per month (some creators make it per Thing, but mine is per month) and depending on the level of commitment, get certain rewards.

For me, this is a way to prioritise writing against the many competing demands on my time. I can do it as a hobby no worries, but in order to get books out at a decent pace so you’re not left hanging between instalments, I need to write faster, and that means writing has to pay its way.

So why Patreon? Because it’s a shiny, awesome, on-going way to give you guys super awesome patron-only content!

Everyone on my Patreon will get access to the Patron-only feed, where I discuss stories I’m working on, put out casting calls for people to donate names for characters or places (there’s a call out at the moment to name some restaurants in my current work-in-progress), and over time, it will build into a lovely, happy lil community of like-minded people where we can just generally hang out and talk cool books together, whee! There will also be occasional bonus scenes for everyone, random sketches, and generally fun Amy-themed stuff (ah ha ha).

Head over! Check it out! 

This is what’s currently available, though if you check out the goals section, you’ll see I have a lot more shenanigans fun in the pipeline for you 😉


$1 or more per month
It’s never been easier to be a unicorn! For just $1 a month, you get a special welcome unicorn (digital) and a thank you on the supporters page of any books I write while you’re here 🙂

Storm Foxes

$2 or more per month
Do you wish you could sweep through the skies on the wings of storms, causing chaos and destruction wherever you go?…No? Oh. Well. Okay then.

How about everything from the Unicorns level, plus my favourite line/s from every writing session I do? Yes? Better? Okay, good. Welcome to Storm Foxery.


Space Witches

$5 or more per month
Ever felt like deep down inside, there was something super special about you? Ever just WANTED to feel like this? Do you see BLUE everywhere you go? You might just be a space witch!For just $5 a month, you too can soar through space on the back of a space whale (or shark*)!

…Wait, I probably shouldn’t promise things I can’t deliver, should I.

Okay, how does everything from the Storm Foxes level PLUS final ebook copies of any books I write while you’re a supporter sound? Better? Good.

* No liability taken for accidental injury, up to and including imploding in space vacuums.

Evil Overlords

$10 or more per month
You are suave, you are in control, you rule the world with glitter and an iron fist: you are the supreme Evil Overlord!Congratulations. Your attainment of certified Evil Overlording status entitles you to everything from the Space Witches level (including ebooks!), plus paperback copies of any books published while you’re a supporter (though you need to support at this level for at least two months per paperback; Evil Overlording takes COMMITMENT, Y’ALL).

Things to be added when certain milestones are hit include regular bonus material like deleted scenes, sketches, maps, character profiles, Q&A sessions, and more; more sketches of random mythological creatures for everyone; thank you videos; regular writing updates; and eventually, if we make it all the way to the top of the goals, Patreon-only editions of every new book, both ebook AND print, with special Patron-only content. I’d LOVE to get to this level, you guys.
So! Go read the official descriptionand join the fun! And let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see (including, idk, cake recipes/tutorials or a recorded writing session or me singing ridiculous songs to you, or whatever it is you’d like :)) :3

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