Back In The Saddle

Took aaaaaall day, but I managed to pull 4000 words yesterday. After not writing for nearly 4 weeks, it was like pulling teeth for most of the day – but near bed time I FINALLY hit my stride (helps that that’s my peak writing time anyway, when I’m not too exhausted for it) and it was like flying again for just a little bit. Wrote two whole scenes (this book isn’t having chapters, just scene breaks) plus tweaked and massaged a bunch of earlier stuff, and finessed the upcoming plot line to be more character-driven and less forced-march.

I’m at about 36% of scenes, or about 44% of word count. IDK, the word count might end up more than the 75k I’m assuming it’ll be at this point, you never know.

If you’re interested in knowing what I’m writing specifically, come on over and join my Patreon; I post a snippet from every writing session there for everyone at the $2 and up levels, and occasionally for the $1 crew too — and if I start hitting goals, there will be fun goodies all round for EVERYONE, including, eventually, special Patron-only editions of any ebooks/paperbacks I put out :3 Come check it out!

But regardless: WOO. WRITING! *\o/*

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