I have nothing especially to say rn, but I also don’t have a great excuse to NOT be here, so here I am, being here, and hereing. Woo!

Anyway, writing is progress, if not apace then at least at a better pace than during term time. I have about 37k done now in How Not To Take Over The World (HNOT), and it looks like it’s going to be closer to 80k than 70, but never mind. Just means I probably won’t get it done by the New Year, but whatevs.

ALSO, I looked at my schedule again yesterday (tooooootally not procrastinating from writing, nope, not me, nuh uh!) and, *gulp*, looks like Sanctuary Book 3 won’t be out earlier than late June of 2018. I was really hoping for a late May/early June release, but because HNOT is running a little behind schedule, I’ll be starting S3 later than planned. So yeah, even June isn’t a hard-and-fast, but it’s the aim at the moment, and obviously I’ll keep everyone posted when I have more concrete info.

I’m also doing a bunch of writing courses lately, which have been super fun, interesting, engaging and useful (if you’re a writer-type let me know and I’ll point you in the direction of what I’ve been doing), and as part of the assignments for these I’ve been working on building some new stories in the background. There are a couple in particular that I’m REALLY excited about and cannot WAIT for you to read some day – but sadly, they need to get in the queue, because obviously I need to finish Sanctuary as a priority, and then probably the HNOT trilogy since, y’know, book 1 will be complete. Ha. And then I’ve been promising a segment of my mailing list the Fox Red books, since the opening scenes (?) of that are in the That Moment When anthology and all, soooooo…. Yeah. Wow. So many books, so little time.

Still. I’ve done what, over 7k in the last three days? Hardly epic, but also a huge amount better than the 0 I’d been doing for the previous four weeks! 😀 Getting there. Getting there.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. HP#4 is finishing up on TV and I’m going to head to bed and hope madly that this will be the night that the insomnia (caused by injudicious consumption of far too many amines over the last month, urgh) *finally* agrees to get lost and let me actually sleep.

I like sleep. Sleep and I are good friends.

Pity we haven’t seen more of each other the last few weeks. Blah.

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