How To Throw A Pinterest Party Without Going Insane – Update

It’s party-planning time again! Which means I pulled out the series I did last year to review my own handy-dandy process, and I realised that I never finished that series :\ So expect to see the updated version of the series over the next week.

But as part of that, today I made up a lil worksheet to fill out so I could go through the process I’d created easily – because, yes, I’d forgotten my own process having not done this for nearly a year, and I was in real danger of turning the planning process into something way too epic.

Instead, using the process outlined in the old posts (which will be up again soon – watch out over the next few days), it took me about 2 hours start to finish to plan the party, including roaming Pinterest for ideas, and diarising all the tasks over the next few weeks.

Here’s the unpretty version of the worksheet, in case you have a party coming up you’d like to use it for. I’ll make a prettified version over the next week or so and link you when it’s done 🙂

Word doc version

Pdf version

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