School Work Sleep Exercise Flnmph.

Term one week one and I am so ded I’m not even alive anymore. Combined with a birthday party last weekend and household guests (which were super welcome!) and, of course, wanton consumption of amines and gluten over the weekend and consequential lack of sleep/insomnia… URGH.

Anyway. I AM still alive, even if restarting some sort of exercise regime this week feels like it has broken my body (aquarobics is HARD, y’all, OUCH), and words are trickling along (which, totally frustrating, because I am getting SO CLOSE to the end of this book and if I was on holidays still it would be DONE by the end of the week, URGH), and so This Is Real Life Once Again.

I hate the end of summer holidays :\

At least my classes this year all seem super sweet and lovely <3

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