First up there are these anthologies, which are both free and have one of my stories in each of them:

That Moment When     Tales From the SFR Brigade

Then there’s the Darkness & Good blog, with free, mostly weekly, most unedited short stories. Some of the most popular ones of mine are below.

Darkness & Good Blog

Remember, these are all totally unedited first drafts. If you want the edited versions, keep an eye out for the official anthology, coming Q1 2017 🙂

A Last Gift
Adam, Be A Star
Anything For You
Happily, Red
Nature vs Nurture
Seven Things
Siren Song
Space To Be Alone
The Making Of An Overlord

Lastly, there are these two short stories available for download from your favourite ebook vendor 🙂 (Be warned – Forget is SUPER short! 🙂 )

Forget - A Short Story  With This Ring

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