The Mistakes

Extras for my non-fiction book The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs.

PLEASE NOTE – this is a work in progress, so not all mistakes have extra content yet 😉

People in Fur Coats

Mistake 1) Mammals: we’re all in this together
Bonus Mistake: Physical Appearance
Mistake 2) Emotion
Mistake 3) Dogs get grumpy too
Mistake 4) Intelligence
Mistake 5) Identity and a theory of mind
Mistake 6) Gender

The Senses

Mistake 7) Sight
Mistake 8) Sound
Mistake 9) Smell
Mistake 10) Taste
Bonus Mistake: Eating Grass
Mistake 11) Touch
Mistake 12) Showing pain

Learning and Development

Mistake 13) Domesticated wolves
Mistake 14) Age, growth and maturity
Mistake 15) Imprinting and instinct
Bonus Mistake: Canine vs feline
Mistake 16) Causation revisited
Mistake 17) Memory and rewards
Mistake 18) Dominance and submission
Mistake 19) You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


Mistake 20) My dogs speaks English (or French, or Swahili): linguistic intelligence
Mistake 21) Dog to dog
Mistake 22) Dog to human
Mistake 23) Human to dog
Mistake 24) Injuries to people
Bonus Mistake: Talking ABOUT Dogs: Proper Terminology

Pedigrees & Breeding

Mistake 25) The breeds
Mistake 26) Mongrels
Mistake 27) Dog jobs
Mistake 28) Bad habits
Mistake 29) Neutering
Mistake 30) Pregnancy, labor and puppies

In Conclusion

Mistake 31) Allergies, fur, and reasons why you shouldn’t have a dog
Mistake 32) Choosing a dog
Mistake 33) Fantasy dogs

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