From The Ground Up

Coming September 25, 2016!

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How many children does a ‘normal’ family have? Once you’ve drawn the map, how do you know where to put the people? Why don’t rivers flow down peninsulas to get to the sea? If you don’t have a background in geography, you might not know these things. After all, not every writer is born knowing how seasonal changes, mountain ranges, and rain cycles influence cultures or genetics – but now you don’t have to be. FROM THE GROUND UP contains all the science you need to build a realistic world for your fictional universe.

Learn how geography influences culture, how populations interact with their environment, and the factors that define ‘normal’ anywhere in the world. With chapter summaries and activities that will walk you through world creation from zero to perfect, FROM THE GROUND UP provides everything you need to make your world authentic and engaging.

Read the publisher’s announcement here, and find live updates by following Amy on Twitter and watching for the #FGU hashtag.

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