On Roads Between

Book 2 in the Sanctuary series, coming November 2016!

The shadows are gone and the Valley is quiet, so Edge could be forgiven for thinking that life is back to normal. Even Scott, bane of Edge’s existence, has been relatively well behaved since she saved him from the Valley. But then her best friend Gem starts hallucinating—more and more frequently—and even though she can’t see them, Edge’s Road Mastery sense tells her the shadows are back. Worse, this time they seem connected to Gem.

They approach the Sanctuary fairies for help, but instead of giving advice, the fairies kick the girls out and tell Gem she’s never allowed in Sanctuary again. Edge appeals to the only person left: Aphros, the unicorn. Aphros reveals that Gem’s connection to the Valley is strengthening, and that the only way to stop it is to forge a similar connection between Gem and Sanctuary. Edge should be able to track down the heart of Sanctuary with her Road Mastery—but can she do it before Gem succumbs completely to the darkness, and without the fairies banning her from Sanctuary too?