Paperbacks in Australia & Signed Copies

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Ordering Paperbacks in Australia

Most online retailers charge Australians a small fortune in postage. Probably fair enough, but if you want to save yourself some money, I order paperbacks in bulk and pay author rates, which means I save on postage and can pass those savings on to you.

Also note: All copies ordered through me for postage within Australia will come signed. Feel free to request personalisation (or unsigned, if you prefer!).

Standard post: $8 + $7.99 for book = $15.99

Express post: $10 + $7.99 for book = $17.99

Insurance + sign on delivery: Add $4.50

   Standard plus insurance: $20.49

  Express plus insurance: $22.49


Signed Copies

Signed copies are available, although there may sometimes be a processing delay as I do these in batches. When you order, I’ll give you an estimate of how long you can expect your copy to be. Please note that overseas postage from Australia is ridiculously expensive; I shan’t be the slightest bit offended if you choose to order an unsigned copy from an online retailer at a better price 😉


Sea mail: $10.50 + $7.99 for book = $18.49

Air mail: $14.50 + $7.99 for book = $22.49

Insurance: Add $10


UK & Continental Europe

Sea mail: $11 + $7.99 for book = $18.99

Air mail: $18.50 + $7.99 for book = $26.49

Insurance: Add $10


Other locations available; email me for a shipping quote, though I warn you, they are pretty hefty. Or you can head to and use the dimensions listed here to calculate shipping yourself (select overseas parcel). I generally round up to the nearest half dollar.

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