Will You Like My Stories?

Let’s face it: no story will please everyone. So before you head out to buy my stories, here’s some info you should know.

You’re my perfect reader if you’re looking for worlds where:

  • actions have consequences
  • magic, like any other action, always has a consequence, and not necessarily a good one
  • characters must learn to fight for the things they love
  • where a lack of self-awareness leads to downfall
  • characters are true heroes who discover their own strength, finding the courage to act in order to make the world a better place
  • truth, integrity and beauty are things worth dying for – and living for
  • no happily ever after is easily won
  • in broad and general terms, the good end happily and the bad unhappily (bonus points if you know which famous play that comes from :D)
  • magic is a celebration of beauty and, although it may be corrupted, is supposed to be used to create rather than to destroy

You will probably NOT like my stories if you are looking for:

  • Anti-heroes (not begrudging heroes or sympathetic villains, but true anti-heroes who don’t or can’t care about anything)
  • Automatic happily ever afters
  • Worlds where magic can solve anything
  • Characters who deliver the same thing time and time again without an iota of evidence of character growth
  • Characters whose beliefs and ideals are never challenged, who never have to make difficult decisions
  • Stories where destruction and desolation triumph over creation and life
  • Stories that glorify self-indulgence in its various manifestations

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