When Famous Paintings Come To Life (Dust My Shoulders Off – Jane Zhang)

So this is a super cool thing I found because someone had gif’ed the “The Scream” portion of this music video and it is SUPER, and then someone in the thread linked to the full video and YAY! Such a happy song! So cheery and determined! And what an AWESOME music vid, with all the famous paintings coming to life! There’s some serious hard work gone into some of the scenes in particular and wow, yay, much happy.

Here. Enjoy and be happy for a little over three minutes 🙂

Let’s Celebrate! Have You Entered My EPIC FGU Giveaway Yet?

If you’re one of the ones playing along on social media, you’ve probably heard of my epic giveaway: to celebrate the impending release of From The Ground Up: How To Build A World That Really Works, aka my non-fiction handbook for writers that looks at the ways geography influences culture. It comes out in about two months (YAY!!), so I’m running a pre-release giveaway, because why not? 🙂

Click through on the graphic to enter for your share in nearly $200 worth of super awesome prizes – and don’t forget that to look for the link at the bottom for ways to earn extra entries 😉

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FGU prizes graphic

#HappyDays Neil Gaiman on Writing, Life, and Everything Else

I love this speech of Neil Gaiman’s, so much so that I show it to my creative writing classes every time without fail. It’s just under 20 minutes, but it’s terribly worthwhile – not just if you’re a writing, too – it’s applicable to every creative person.*

* I.e. everyone, because I believe that everyone can be creative – just look at toddlers and preschoolers if you think the impulse to create is something reserved for only a special few!

#HappyDays The Best Compliments Ever

What you consider a compliment is different to what other people consider a compliment. But there are distinct patterns to the kinds of compliments we prefer, and they seem to align pretty neatly with our personality types (for self-evident reasons?). Head over and find out what the ultimate compliment for each personality type is.