Formation, Beyonce, and Some Lit-Crit-Lite ;)

Consider this context for next Friday’s post πŸ˜€ But also, I do just love the song and the video clip. There’s a lot going on here, and I’ve actually used this several times as a class resource – and if you’re feeling SUPER KEEN, since there’s a weekend coming up and all and you might find yourself with some FREE TIME (whoa no way what even is that?!), I’ve included the worksheet I use for classes below πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hehe.

And… Formation Analysis Activities!

When Famous Paintings Come To Life (Dust My Shoulders Off – Jane Zhang)

So this is a super cool thing I found because someone had gif’ed the “The Scream” portion of this music video and it is SUPER, and then someone in the thread linked to the full video and YAY! Such a happy song! So cheery and determined! And what an AWESOME music vid, with all the famous paintings coming to life! There’s some serious hard work gone into some of the scenes in particular and wow, yay, much happy.

Here. Enjoy and be happy for a little over three minutes πŸ™‚

Dresden Files Film Clip – SO MUCH LOVE

Okay in keeping with the somewhat fannish theme of our Friday posts this term, something else I’m fannish about: The Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. YOU GUYS. These books are ASTOUNDING. I love them SO. MUCH. They’re dark and gritty but hopeful and glorious, the plot is deep and complex while providing action and pace, the mythology is glorious (did I use that adjective already?) and just … *wavy hands of inexpressibility*. I love them. If you like urban fantasy (or even if you just like action movies, probably, and can stand your action movies with some magic thrown in) and you haven’t read these yet, go check them out. Immediately. <3