So, About Those Priorities

Trying so, so hard to make this wonderful quote from the inestimable Maggie Stiefvater my mantra this year. I’ve noted before that getting enough sleep is the key to managing my stress levels, anxiety, and also healthy eating. Some days I’m better at it than others. When we have company, I SUCK at it, because although I do actually passionately adore sleeping (because DREEEEEAMS, y’all, DREEEEEEEEEAMS!!!), people are also INCREDIBLY SHINY and VERY, VERY STICKY, just like this lounge I’m presently sitting on which is super sticky because I should get up and go to bed but it seems like someone has superglued me here oh wait that’s just the remnants of the kids’ breakfast okay never mind move along nothing to see here. O:)

SLEEP. I should get some, you should get some, and we all should be happy and sleep together.

Uh, um, or not. I mean, like we should all sleep at the same time. Or, like, in times appropriate to our particular time zone. Or, look, you know what? Just go to bed already, okay? I don’t care what time it is, just go… sleep.

Sleep is important. You should probably get some.


7 Guys + 1 Girl + 1 Jeep + 2 Minutes = Most Epic Jam Session Ever

I first stumbled across this glorious jam session a couple of years ago, and then came across it again recently and thought I’d share, since it’s probably been long enough that a lot of may not have seen it? Anyway, it’s SUPER cool: a 2-min music beat recorded entirely from the sounds made by the Jeep. The YouTube subtitle notes that it took them 2 weeks of rehearsals and a 7-hr shoot to get this right, but the results are totally worth it 😀

(I feel like I could do something similar with my caking-making equip, honestly. The freestanding mixer provides quite a good beat 😉 😀 lol!)*

* Okay that was totally a throw-away comment based on the fact that I frequently get bored waiting for the meringue buttercream to cool (~20 mins straight of whipping in the freestanding mixer) and start bopping to the mixer beat, but now I’m actually imagining using the sounds to make a vid AND IT WOULD BE EPIC AND AWESOME. #AllThePlotting. (Still. I still owe the internet my and Liana’s authorial version of Part of That World from back in, like, October, so maybe don’t hold your breath???)

3 of the Most Highly Awesome Animals With Pointy Bits On Their Faces

Yup, today I wanted to share with you three random animals that I’ve seen repeatedly around the place lately, for various reasons, elaborated on below. Their common point is that they all have pointy bits on their faces! Oh, also that I think they’re incredibly shiny 😉 I know, I know, this is totally random, but they’re pretty cool animals, so bear with me 😉

First up we have the delightful nawab caterpillar, who’s been doing the rounds on Twitter:

green nawab caterpillar with frondy face that looks like an alien helmet

Innit so cute?! For a caterpillar that is…

Secondly, we have the ever-charming nudibranchs (also known less gloriously as sea slugs 😉 )! This is just an indicative image; nudibranchs come in all colours of the rainbow and are just as fabulous :o) I have a bit of a fascination with these critters (probably they are one of my favourite animals) and I see them on my social media feeds pretty regularly as the twinny one Liana Brooks is also enamoured of all things oceanic 🙂

white nudibrach with black and orange stripes and orange fronds

And finally, narwhals!! There are a whole buncha memes out there about how narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, and AS IF THEY AREN’T, HA. I’m kind of obsessed with narwhals at the moment because I’m plotting a narwhal birthday for the toddler later in the year O:) I may or may not already have the cake planned……. (Actually, that’s what inspired the theme of the party, because I’d seen all these amazing unicorn drip cakes around the place and wondered how I could put my own personal spin on them, and since she had a fabulous angler fish drip cake for her first birthday I figured why not continue the ocean theme?! :D)

two narwhals sword fighting in the ocean

So there you go. My random top three animals for the year so far. Leave a comment and let us know: what’s YOUR top animals of the year so far?


Inkprint Press + Worldbuilding + Self/Small/Large Presses, etc – Vodcast!

I thought I’d make this easy for you to find (if you’re interested) by embedding it right here! Sorry about all the link confusion the other day 🙂 You can either watch right here on the blog, click through below to watch it on youtube, or click here to head to the original post, where you can also listen to it as a podcast (no visual) and download the mp3 🙂

Belatedly, I’m Doing A Vodcast In 2.5 Hours!

…Actually more like 2.33 hours, but let’s not quibble.

It starts like this: the inestimable Lindsay Buroker wanted to interview the Twinny One, Liana Brooks, notionally I think about her career as a hybrid author (i.e. an author who uses large publishers, small publishers, and also does self publishing – not an author who is themselves a hybrid, though if you can find one of those I’m sure a vodcast with them would be really interesting too, and I know Liana wishes she was a human/machine hybrid most days, so you know. *ahem*. ). Since Inkprint Press is a team effort*, Liana suggested I be in on the vodcast too – and somehow like magic now I am? I’m still not really sure how this all happened, hence why you’re getting a super-last-minute promo post about it o.O 😀

ANYWAY. Tune in at 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, which is like 5pm yesterday in Alaska where Liana is and 6pm yesterday wherever Lindsay is**, but REGARDLESS IT’S TWO HOURS AND PROBABLY ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES from the time I post this, by the time I post it, to hear my Australian accent, some rambling about Inkprint Press and self publishing, and probably reference to my and Liana’s plans to take over the world.

Wait. Maybe not that last one. They’re supposed to be secret.


TL;DR: Listen/watch HERE in a little over TWO HOURS, or later, apparently, on iTunes. Link to come. Also, it looks like you should be able to download it straight from the website once it’s up? (Oh heavens, you mean this thing is permanent?)

* Liana says it’s all me, but at the very least she’s the one providing the writing fodder at this point, so you know 😀

** OHOH I KNOW THIS. It’s PST time!

An Ode To Scrivener

At least, it would be if I had the brain power to write an ode right now. I’m at the point of tired + pregnancy hormones where I tried to lock the kid’s fridge at preschool with my car key last week. Oops.

BUT. SCRIVENER. I took the plunge and bought it back in January when I was faced with a massive restructure of #FGU, and I am SO. GLAD. Something about the ability to see all my chapters in neat little sections and so forth really clicks with my brain, and while way back when I used to use yWriter (free!) to do pretty much the same thing, my editorial brain appreciates the prettiness and rich text features of Scrivener compared to yWriter (though if you are thinking of Scrivener, yWriter is a serviceable free test product to see if you like working with that style of program, I think).

Seriously. My productively has increased dramatically. Love it.

I’m going to cry when I have to turn my MacBook Air back into work on May 1 when I go on mat leave, but there is not even the slightest doubt that I’ll be repurchasing Scrivener to load onto the home PC. $50 out of my year’s book budget is a tiny price to pay for the massive boost in productivity that I get. Your mileage, obviously, may vary, and I know people for whom Scrivener hasn’t worked at all, but I’m in the throes of importing Yet Another Text into Scrivener to work on, and just had to squee about it, because I could.

Dear Scrivener,

If marrying a program were legal, I’d pick you.