2017 Wrap-Up

I don’t think I did one of these in December/January? Sorry if I did.

Anyway, just a super quick wrap of last year, mostly to keep my own head straight here.

2017 was a huge learning curve for me. For about 3/4 of the year, I didn’t really do much writing at all: it was all about the editing, formatting, and publishing. Inkprint Press released our first major titles, and WOW did we learn a lot from the process. Super cool. Thank you SO much to everyone who supported us in any way at all – and especially everyone who turned up for book launches, open nights, and who bought copies of our books!! <3 You guys are amazing. I still find it weird that people are willing to pay for things I wrote. So THANK YOU. Like, A LOT.

Published in 2017:

Darkness & Good anthology
Where Shadows Rise (Sanctuary #1)
Through Roads Between (Sanctuary #2)
Bodies In Motion (Newton’s Laws #1)

And the two I keep totally forgetting about,
The 32 Worst Mistakes People Make About Dogs
Sea Foam & Blood (combining/replacing Cherry Blossom and To Dust)

Writing in 2017:

Like I said, I didn’t do a *whole* bunch, but I did do the structural edits on Through Roads Between, and wrote the first almost-half of How Not To Take Over The World, the start of a new series which will be out at the end of this year. (Yes, I wrote it before the final Sanctuary book, because the final Sanctuary book was being obstreperous.)


And in addition to all that, my cake non-business totally exploded, and I was flooded with orders from family and friends from October through to, well, now (as you can tell from all the cake-themed Made-It-Mondays), and I took some really, REALLY great workshops with Dean Wesley Smith. I’ll do a write up of them all when I’m finished the current ones, and link to them all under the resources for writers tab on this site 🙂

All in all, a busy and satisfying year. It’s really good to be back focusing on writing new words now, but I’m so grateful for the learning opportunities I had throughout 2017, and I’m even more grateful to you for sticking with me along the way 🙂

Thanks for being here! I love you!! <3 🙂