Korean Buttercream Flowers

Y’all probably know I am super keen on Teh Tweeter, and hang out there quite a bit. I also have my Tumblr that I go through phases on, though you can never tell when that is or isn’t, because I have it scheduled to post three times a day every day, and one epic Tumblr spree maxes out my 300 posts you’re allowed to pre-schedule 😉

I do StalkBook FaceBook occasionally, and somewhat begrudgingly, and usually through my Twitter feed, and I have an Instagram (locked to personal because I was getting WAY too many spam follows for a feed that has pictures of my kids on it).

But the place I’ve really grown to love over the years?


Oh, I know what you’re thinking: Pinterest, home of pristine housewives and skinny white girls, place for exercises and recipes and interior design. But actually, like most algorithmically-controlled things, your Pinterest dash changes to suit what you follow and pin the most. So in my case, my feed is literally 90% cakes and Harry Potter, and I’m totally up with that. It makes a nice place to just chill and hang out and be happy, y’know? Cakes and Harry Potter: what more could a girl need? :3

So ANYway, because this has been the Term Of All Cakes, and because I have an EPIC cake weekend coming up as I do a giant formal cake for 150+ people (Do you guys want process pics of that? Or, like, a livestream while I decorate or something?? I can totally do that if people want to see!), and because Liana has been waxing lyrical about Korean KDramas lately, IDK, I just decided I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favourite styles of cakes, which is Korean buttercream flowers. One day, I will learn how to do these amazing things. For now, I will just enjoy the prettiness on Pinterest :3

All pictures are from my Cakey Goodness board on Pinterest.



So, IDK… Do you have a favourite style of cake? O:) (yeah, yeah, I get that that’s probably only me :D) Maybe a favourite flavour of cake, or just a Random Favourite Thing that shows up on your social media dashes and makes you happy? Happy is good. You should totally share something that makes you happy in the comments /nodnodnod :3