Love Poetry With Teeth

Can’t have slam poetry month without some Omar Musa :3 This one’s from his latest book of poetry, Millefiori, which is as glorious as his first two volumes (The Clocks, currently out of print, and Parang) but is somewhat of a departure from his usual subject matter. The Clocks and Parang are more about culture, race, socioeconomics, inspiration… whereas Millefiori is about love and heartache. It’s love poetry with teeth 🙂

Enjoy, and enjoy the up-coming weekend <3

#BeInspired This is a warning: never let the oil in your lamp run dry, never stop making your music.

Okay I promise I’ll give the poetry a break next week, but did I mention I am a total Fangrrl when it comes to Omar Musa’s work?? AND YOU GUYS. I GOT HIS NEW BOOK, signed and everything! So much happy!!! <3

So yes. Enjoy this one – one of his earliest poems 🙂 <3