Princess For A Night

Found this on Pinterest the other day:

I actually got to do this, true story. My husband worked together with my Mum to pull some strings and get us the top-level suite in the top hotel in the city for the price of a regular room. We arrived at like 10 o’clock at night, and to get to the suite you have to walk down this long-ish corridor walled by windows on both sides, you know the ones that are broken into smaller rectangles by dark frames the whole way through?

So anyway, it’s past 10 o’clock at night, it’s definitely dark out, there are stars, and we pull up to the hotel and hand the keys off the valet (!!) and I walk up the front stairs in this huge, white-satin gown, my hair done up like a princess, and then they point us to our room – and off we go, hand in hand, because we’ve been married all of about six hours, (though tbh we’d probably still walk hand-in-hand) and we head down the corridor, and it’s dark out but the corridor is lit, so the glass turns into a kind of opaque mirror, and all I can see is the long hallway with its plush carpet and on either side myself, in this huge white gown and white shoes with bows on them and dangly crystal earrings like clusters of tiny, sparkly grapes (I got my ears pierced especially for my wedding, you know), my reflection superimposed over the dark peaceful quiet of the glorious, sculpted gardens…

…and that, friends, is the story of how, just for a few short minutes, I actually lived the life of a princess, and it was grand.