2017 Wrap-Up

I don’t think I did one of these in December/January? Sorry if I did.

Anyway, just a super quick wrap of last year, mostly to keep my own head straight here.

2017 was a huge learning curve for me. For about 3/4 of the year, I didn’t really do much writing at all: it was all about the editing, formatting, and publishing. Inkprint Press released our first major titles, and WOW did we learn a lot from the process. Super cool. Thank you SO much to everyone who supported us in any way at all – and especially everyone who turned up for book launches, open nights, and who bought copies of our books!! <3 You guys are amazing. I still find it weird that people are willing to pay for things I wrote. So THANK YOU. Like, A LOT.

Published in 2017:

Darkness & Good anthology
Where Shadows Rise (Sanctuary #1)
Through Roads Between (Sanctuary #2)
Bodies In Motion (Newton’s Laws #1)

And the two I keep totally forgetting about,
The 32 Worst Mistakes People Make About Dogs
Sea Foam & Blood (combining/replacing Cherry Blossom and To Dust)

Writing in 2017:

Like I said, I didn’t do a *whole* bunch, but I did do the structural edits on Through Roads Between, and wrote the first almost-half of How Not To Take Over The World, the start of a new series which will be out at the end of this year. (Yes, I wrote it before the final Sanctuary book, because the final Sanctuary book was being obstreperous.)


And in addition to all that, my cake non-business totally exploded, and I was flooded with orders from family and friends from October through to, well, now (as you can tell from all the cake-themed Made-It-Mondays), and I took some really, REALLY great workshops with Dean Wesley Smith. I’ll do a write up of them all when I’m finished the current ones, and link to them all under the resources for writers tab on this site 🙂

All in all, a busy and satisfying year. It’s really good to be back focusing on writing new words now, but I’m so grateful for the learning opportunities I had throughout 2017, and I’m even more grateful to you for sticking with me along the way 🙂

Thanks for being here! I love you!! <3 🙂

Okay, I’m Back.

Although those of you who’ve been reading for any length of time know that my version of ‘back’ is always a little sporadic and unpredictable at the best of times: let’s face it: I’m not great at regular blogging. That’s going to apply doubly this year, because – and although this has hit social media, I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted here – Minion #2 is due at the end of May, and in true Minion style this one’s been keeping me pukingly sick pretty much the entire flopping time. RAH.

Also, for those who care about such things, SmallBoy will be three and a bit when SmallGirl arrives; yes, this minion is female. Woot.

Right. On to more writingish things. I know it’s a month past time when people usually do their annual recaps and set their new goals for the year, but a) better late than never, b) I am ALWAYS late (despite my best intentions), and c) I actually had to wait for a few pieces of writing-related data to filter back in after Christmas/New Year before figuring out what I was doing this year.


2014 was a chaotic year in many regards for my family, but writing-wise, it was the year of #FGU, more properly known as From The Ground Up. This is my non-fic book on worldbuilding for writers that will be coming out some time in the second half of this year – I’m working on edits at the moment, rah.

It was also the year wherein I co-opted the Twinny One,* Liana Brooks, into starting the Darkness&Good blog with me, whereon we post short, totally unedited stories somewhere between once a week and once a month, although we got better with that towards the end of the year 😛

Finally, 2014 was notable for me because Liana and I officially started using our self-pub imprint, Inkprint Press. Hurrah! Under this label in 2014, I launched my short story collection Cherry Blossom and Other Stories, my book of (church) plays Where Your Treasure Is, and the print edition of The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs. Much excitement indeed.

Some quick overall stats:

  • Words edited: about 266,000
  • Words written: about 90,000
  • Words rewritten from scratch: about 8,000

Which means, I think, that if I was really rigorous about counting up every single word I wrote this year, I probably just cracked the 100k mark. Which is actually way better than I would have expected – I feel like 2014 was a pretty slow year for writing, but it turns out it was significantly better than 2012 or 2013! So that’s cool.

* She’s totally my twin. Just separated by the Pacific Ocean, about three years, and totally different sets of genetics. But, y’know. TWIN. 


Where to from here, that’s the question. Now that I have all my data points, it looks like this year is going to be another ‘light’ year for writing. I had postnatal depression after SmallBoy and although I think I’m in a better place mentally with SmallGirl than I was at this point with SmallBoy, I absolutely can’t guarantee that I won’t get it again – and as anyone who’s experienced any kind of depression knows, it kind of puts a damper on creativity. On top of that, I have FGU due in and a much fuller workload this year than I’ve had before. So I have to plan for multiple small achievements, rather than any large ones this year.

Things I really plan to do:

  • Get FGU done and in on time so it can release on schedule in the second half of the year. My first book launch with a real publisher, you guys! So much excite.
  • Write enough short stories to stick to my once-a-fortnight schedule at Darkness&Good. I have the first quarter of the year scheduled already, so I need another 15 stories to make this happen.

Things I’d really, really LIKE to get done:

  • Liana has an awesome choose-your-own-adventure sfr novella ready to be published under our Inkprint Press umbrella – once I’ve done the editing.
  • Marked, my tiger novella from fifty million years ago, is in advanced editing stages. I’d love to pick this up again and finish it off so it too can be released.
  • I have a choose-your-own-adventure sfr novella of my own that’s about half done; top of the list for completion and eventual release.
  • Aphelion, another sfr novella (although NOT choose-your-own-adventure) is also half written, and even has a pretty cover ready to go.
  • Finally, Liana and I are tossing around the idea of a Darkness&Good 2014 anthology. There’s at least 45k of fiction there, the length of a decent novella or a short novel, and it’d be fun to do a print edition to sit on my shelf – after editing the stories first, of course 😉

So. Nothing long and novelly, unfortunately, but if I can manage it Inkprint Press will see a decent number of new releases this year, so you’ll be well stocked on things to read – and hopefully, for the first time ever, you’ll get to read something of mine longer than a short story! 😉

I think that’s all from me for now. What about you guys? What are you up to in 2015?