FREE Short Stories – Disappearing Soon

So, if you click through to the site, you’ll notice that a complete redesign is in progress. Hurrah!! As part of this, I’m posting today to let you know that I currently have EIGHT short stories available as ebooks. Previously, at least three of those were 99c. As of right now, they are ALL FREE.

However. (You knew that was coming.) Because of Things that are In The Works, three of those eight short stories will be pulled down at the end of October. You WILL NOT be able to get Shoe, Certified or The Wasporcist as free singles after October.

So if you’re interested in reading them for free, grab them while you can 😉

(Note: I may be pulling down Sculpting, too, because even though it was published in a magazine, I’ve never been entirely happy with it. So fair warning: if you want that one, might be best to grab it before I change my mind.)


certified forget cover murder Sculpting Sea Foam & Blood shoe wasporcist with this ring

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