This, Is A Warning

Mostly about backing up your stuff, because my USB died DED this week, and despite the fact that I spent long and frustrated hou– mi– er, periods of time installing portable dropbox on it, it failed to sync to the net on Sunday last week, and I’ve lost an entire chapter of The Novel. It is enough to make me cry, because it was a GOOD chapter, full of angst and conflict and sistah dramah. Seriously. I WEEP.


But also, because let’s face it, a reminder to BACK UP YOUR WORK FOR THE LOVE OF ELEPHANTS PUT IT IN ALL TEH PLACEZ EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME AND EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF AT THE END OF EVERY SESSION is actually kinda boring, the title of this post reminded me of one of my favouritest poets of all time, and his fabulous poem whose first line is this post’s title. So here. Have an awesome poem. You’re welcome.


(It’s even better performed in real life 😉 But seriously, check out his other work. He is awesome :D)

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