To Dust Deleted Scenes Game

Sorry, meant to post this on Monday when the game went live on Twitter and Facebook :o) But better late than never, right? O:) 😀

Want a sneak peek at the front cover of To Dust before it’s officially revealed? How about reading some deleted scenes that will never be available anywhere else?! YES?!! THEN LET’S PLAY A GAME!!!

Here are the rules: I will offer 3 clues. Answers to these clues are in my free short stories. (All available here FOR FREE – you can even read them online, you don’t have to download anything – and they’re all super short, with the answer being found at least within the first 800ish words.)

You will put the three words together, and stick them after this URL: thus giving you access to sneak peek of cover and deleted scenes!
Ready? GO!!


Clue #1: In “Shoe”, the pairless shoe looks exactly like a pair that which friend of Jenna has? (6 letters)

Clue #2: At the end of Certified, what happens to Anna? She is ________. (8 letters).

Clue #3: What is Adelaide’s horse’s name in Sea Foam and Blood? (6 letters)


Good luck!!

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