To Dust’s Zeroth Birthday: Giveaway the Third

And so we come to the final giveaway! This one is only, y’know, 23 days late, but hey! Better late than never.

I’ll spare you all the squeeing and jumping for joy that went on when To Dust and Other Stories was not only released, but I received paperbacks in the mail :o) Mostly because I’m too tired to jump, but hey. If you’d like to find out more about To Dust, head on over to its page* – and remember, you can still get free signed bookmarks, YES (EX)STUDENTS, THAT INCLUDES YOU.**

* In terms of effective promotion, I dub this the WORST Look-I-Have-A-New-Book-Out Giveaway in the history of giveaway. *headdesk* Still. You know where to find the book.

** Flattering, not creepy. I promise.

But to celebrate, even if it’s nearly a month late, hurrah, there is a giveaway, with prizes! Just in case the rafflecopter widget decides not to display properly (it’s temperamental on this blog :P), the prizes up for grabs are two signed copies of To Dust in paperback, one copy of Even Villains Go To The Movies (any eformat)*, one copy of Out of Tune (any eformat)**, a slightly used paperback copy of Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver***, and two multi-author signed bookmark packs****.

* Because giveaway one.

** Because giveaway two.

*** Because I couldn’t remember who I loaned it to, thought it was lost, bought the whole series in hardcover, and then had the paperback returned to me, and I like it, and figure you might too.

**** Bookmarks definitely from me & Liana Brooks, probably from Michelle Davidson Argyle (I think I have at least two still!), and possibly one or two others I have buried in my prize box at school.


Entering is dead easy. You can leave a comment on the blog (About anything you like. Be random. Go on, I dare you.*) You can tell other people about the giveaway (preferably in some way that allows you to send me a link for verification?). Or, clearly the most sensible option, you can enter one of the other two giveaways currently running on the blog. Which, clearly logical, because then hi, double the entries, double the chance to win things. Yay, things!

* But not spammy.


So I think my marginal sanity has officially run out. What are you doing here, listening to me blather on? You have giveaways to enter! Get to it! šŸ™‚ *cookies*.

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7 thoughts on “To Dust’s Zeroth Birthday: Giveaway the Third

  1. Mirja – I forgot to say earlier, but a HUGE thanks for that!! I really, really appreciate it! :o) *cookies*

    Hollie – Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks so much for being so nice about my blog :o) I hope you like the stories!! Are you planning to enter the giveaway? Your chances of getting a free copy of the book at this point are quite high! šŸ˜€

  2. Woot! So awesome! Thanks for the giveaway. And hey, better late than never, right? Glad you were able to get it squared away and done. Writing is not easy and it’s worse when stuff gets in the way like that.

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