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So, long-time readers will know that I am a HUGE fan of Holly Lisle’s how-to-write materials. She is an excellent teacher, and breaks down not just the writing process, but also the brain processes behind it, allowing you to harness your creativity in a much more effective way. Writing + brain science + imagination + creativity? ADORE.

Anyway, Holly has just released her incredibly epic Create A World Clinic, which she’s been working on for the last seven years (although somewhat sporadically in the middle there!). You guys, this course is epic. It’s a companion to the rest of the Create-A series, but the amount of content this one delivers – especially for its measly price tag – is staggering. So! Much! Pretty!

Basically, this book is the must-read companion to the nonfiction book that I am currently writing for Tyche Books: my book details the science behind populations, looking at why they end up existing where they do and what kinds of cultures are likely to form; Holly’s book looks at applied culture: how to get story conflict and plot from all this world-stuff, and how to write your story so it’s grounded in your world.

Seriously. It’s awesome.

If you should happen to decide that you want to check it out, it’s retailing for $9.95, or $13.45 if you want forum access with the book to discuss the exercises with other people who are reading it. BUT. My affiliate links are functioning again, and if you DO decide you want to check out the Create A World Clinic, and you purchase it through my affiliate link below, there are two further discounts that can apply.

First, if you sign up to my newsletter here, I’ll send you a coupon for 10% off the forum/ebook bundle, or 20% off just the ebook. (PS? I’ve been sending newsletters out about once every two years, so don’t expect a lot of mail clogging up your inbox :P) Please note that the coupon EXPIRES ON MONDAY USA EAST COAST TIME. I don’t know when on Monday. I’ve just been told it will work “until Monday”.

Secondly, if you email me your receipt after purchasing through my affiliate link, I’ll refund you 20% of what you paid. No questions asked. And, if for some reason you hated the clinic and applied for a refund through Holly’s shop, and got your money refunded, you can keep the money I refunded you too. So you could theoretically actually make a 20% profit here. Just sayin’.

So, if you’re interested, here’s the link. Obligatory legal notice: This is an affiliate link. I receive money if you purchase products through this link. LINK:

If you buy it, thank you, and I hope you love it :o)

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